Saturday, 7 July 2012

L.A Colors Metallic Eyeshadow- Unforgettable

Today i'm going to review an eyeshadow which i received from a facebook swapping site. I exchanged an item for the L.A Colors 5 colour metallic Eyeshadow 'Unforgettable'.
I picked this out as i wear alot of neutrals and pink eyeshadow and i had'nt tried this brand before.

This is what it claims on their website:

Bold Shades
Dual Ended Applicator
Silky Smooth Application

Enhance eyes with these new bright, bold shades! Magnificent metallic eyeshadows in 24 intense sets! Dazzle any crowd with these stunning colors. Quality ingredients assure long wear all day! Create the perfect look with these 5 shades. Professionally selected and combined for the perfect eye palette.

So, lets have a look at the swatches.

The three to the left were 2 swipes of the finger and the other 2 were one swipe without primer.Imagine how much better they would be with primer underneath.
There is some fall out as you can see from my second picture where i have used the pink the most, but the colour does seem to last all day.

I know this is'nt an English brand but you can get this from the Cherryculture website which does shipping to England.
Or you might be lucky enough, like me, to be going on holiday to America this summer where you will be able to find it in some of their beauty stores.

Have you tried L.A Colors before?

Until next time.......Sharon.


  1. Hi Sharon this is D from India. I love Avon products and following you to check out wht products are sold out of India. Do check out my blog and follo if you like :)

  2. Hi.Thanks for following, following you back so it will be good to compare.I think the American products are so much better than ours as they have also have the 'Mark' range, so will be interesting to see what they have in India.If theres anything you see and you'd like a review on it, let me know x